Тема: Мерч, рок магазин, рок атрибутика, рок одежда, рок.

Робби ван Леувен (Robbie van Leeuwen)
Клаше ван дер Вал (Klaasje van der Wal)
Кор ван дер Бек (Cornelius van der Beek)
Маришка Вереш (Mariska Veres)
Фред де Вилде (Fred de Wilde)
Лео ван де Кеттерей (Leo van de Ketterij)
Мартин ван Вейк (Martin van Wijk )
Хенк Смитскамп (Henk Smitskamp)

Shocking Blue — голландская рок-группа из Гааги , существовавшая с 1967 по 1974 год. Известнейшая песня группы « Venus » («Венера») в феврале 1970 года заняла первое место в чарте Billboard Hot 100.


Тема: Мерч, рок магазин, рок атрибутика, рок одежда, рок.

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BEST SURPRISE OF HIS LIFE!! - Duration: 3:23.


salam alaikum, I have read tons on music being haram, i recently asked couple of q s regarding music unfortunetly a brother did give me a Quote from the Quran but i dnt have reference ill still look for it. If you look on Youtube there are alot lectures on the issue of music. I suggest thorughly listening to those plus supporting litrature and ponder and reflect -- i always say that whatever Allah has made haram there is always a halal alternative. Also go through the prophets seerah music was available at that too did the prophet listen to music ? if so what sort? if not what audio entertainment he enjoyed instead? Here some of the reasons why i dont listen to music : -reading and listening to lectures around this issue have come to the conclusion that music is more harmful then beneficial. - it is mentioned in a hadith (these can be found doing a simple search) - study have found that it affect brain wave patterns. -some music are like audio pornography - it keeps you away from the rememberance of Allah - it attracts jinn and in serious cases can create a portal to enter you -it can emotionally effect you -addictive -it is like the athan of the shaytaan - The prophet said so (OBEY ALLAH OBEY RASOOL < this is mentioned in the Quran) - a particular verse refers to music (which i am trying to find and give to you) I hope this has shed some light. We all make mistakes and we learn from them, Also use you youth, wealth and time wisely. Salams

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Most of these could be described as "screamo" All That Remains Annihilator Anterior As I Lay Dying Avenged Sevenfold Bullet For My Valentine Chimaira Disturbed Dope Drowning Pool Escape The Fate Five Finger Death Punch Guns N Roses Iced Earth Iron Maiden Linkin Park Machine Head Marilyn Manson Metallica Motorhead Mudvayne Murderdolls Nevermore Nocturnal Rites Pantera Rage Rise Against Saxon Slayer Slipknot System Of A Down Underoath Unearth

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